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Every time I drink my coffee, I want to have a piece of Pan Dulce, in English means sweet bread, but I couldn´t find it in the area. For this reason, I decided to bake my own. I took some baking classes in Mexico City and I found out that baking is my passion.


The first time I baked it, the words that came out of my mouth were: "Como Caídos del Cielo", which in English means: "Like Falling from Heaven".


This is why, I named my bakery as: "Caídos del Cielo Bakery", because I am sure that every time my customers will have a Pan Dulce, they will feel same way as I did, like being in Heaven!

In 2016, after having Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy, I decided to give a new start to my bakery. It was hard for me to find sweet treats low in refined sugar and I started to explore this field.

Listening at the doctor's offices that there are many people with specialty diets or intolerant to certain foods made me realize that I can make happy and bring a smile in those who need to take extra care in their health, in their new life style.

In March 2018, I had a challenge baking a cake for a customer who was allergic to 7 ingredientes (dairy, soy, eggs, gluten, nuts, corn and chocolate) and receiving a happy feedback from him was the best reward I could ever had!

In this year 2019, my son had to change his diet to gluten and dairy free and as a family we decided to do it as well, to have a new life style diet.


This event confirmed that Caídos del Cielo Bakery needed to produce and sell a wide range of Artisanal VEGAN desserts, cakes, pastries and Pan Dulce for Specialty Diets.


To meet the needs of those customers with Specialty Diets, Caídos del Cielo Bakery prepares each piece from scratch using Organic Natural ingredients sourced from New Jersey local suppliers and other ingredients are imported from México and other countries.


Every piece is hand-crafted to make it UNIQUE, following the specifications that our customers need in their orders.


The bakery operates as a socially responsible business to contribute to the Economic growth of New Jersey and have a positive impact on the community by:


- Nourishing those with Specialty Diets

- Providing healthy sweet treats

- Bringing happiness in these life styles

- Composting

- Using recycled materials

- Eco-friendly local delivery

- Donating surplus to those in need

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